How do you find easy trick to send file using Google drive?


Gmail is an email service provided by the Google. It works on Windows, MAC, Android devices. It provides 15GB storage memory to their users. They can store their images, documents, videos, files and so on. If you want more memory to store files then you have to pay for extra space memory.


You can use Gmail for sending files, emails, photos, videos directly. Google provides some applications on which you can upload your documents and directly access by Gmail. Gmail helps you to send files using Google drive, Camera, link attachment etc. You can click on the Google Drive symbol to access the files.

Security features in Gmail-

Gmail supported secure HTTPS layer. It also uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to automatically encrypt emails sent and received.

Two-step verification-

Gmail uses two steps verification in which you have to log in your account if you want login in your Gmail account. You have to verify your identity after entering Username and Password. Username ends with the ****** You have to enter all the text before and then enter your password.

How to send the file using Google Drive?

Step1. First, we have to log in to Google email service by using the link

Now you will reach a login page same as given below.

Step2. COMPOSE button in the left upper corner of the page.

After clicking the COMPOSE button a new chatting page open.

Step3. Now you have to press an icon button (Google Drive) same as given below figure.

Now you can choose a file from the Google Drive. If there is no file then you have to first upload on the Google Drive.

  • After selecting the file you have to enter an Insert button.
  • Now you have to enter your Mail address and press Next button.
  • It will ask you about your Gmail Password. Enter the password and click on the button Sign In.
  • And then you can fill up all the mandatory field like
  • Sender Email address, Subject etc.
  • Now you can press a Send button.

If the size of your attaching file is larger than the maximum Email file size. You can share the link to the file. The receiver can receive your mail and click on the link to fetch the sending document or file. You can also download it.

Benefits of using Google Drive-

1. Large file sending option-

Google drive provides an option to send the large file with your colleagues, friends, and clients with your Gmail.

2. Access your files remotely-

It is not necessary you have a USB device for storing documents. You can store your necessary documents on the web using Google Drive.

3. Mobile Application-

It provides a mobile application you can access it from anywhere.

4. Sharing of images and videos-

It provides documents sharing facilities to their users. You can share your documents with their friends and colleagues.

5. Efficient built and search engine-

It allows you to find content easily by using keyword search. It helps you to find a file from the collection of files.

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  1. I am unable to login my gmail account and some one has changed my recovery mobile number and mail id .Please check and advice


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