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Even though Google provides a fairly simple “Gmail password recovery” mechanism, yet sometimes users have to face certain problems and error messages when they try to recover their lost Gmail or G suite accounts. One such error message is “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you”, as the name itself suggests this type of error message appears when Google couldn’t verify your identity. If you are also facing a similar issue then keep reading this article as here we are going to discuss various methods you may try to get your Google account back.

Instructions to get rid of “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” error


Google is very strict in terms of keeping it’s protect and services safe from activities like hacking or phishing. Google security system will not let you access your Google account unless it is fully satisfied with your identity.

If you have added account recovery email and phone number to your Google account, then it is quite easy to recover your lost account. But in case you have lost password recovery email and phone number or they are changed by some hacker then you have very less number of options.

Try the following methods in case you lost password recovery options (Phone and email)

• Enter the most recent password you remember and fill “Google Recovery Form”.
• Always try and fill the “Google Recovery Form” using the device from which you usually log in.
• When you enter your most recent password, Google may let you sign in using the security questions.
• You are advised to fill Google recovery form as many times as possible, because there are dozens of potential questions that Google may ask such as account creation date, frequent location etc.
• After filling the Google recovery form, Google takes approximately 3 business days to complete their investigation.

If the “Google Recovery form” doesn’t work for you then the only option you have is to contact the Google customer support.

Precaution for such errors

Errors like “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” occur only when Google couldn’t verify your identity. You should take following precautions so that you can keep yourself safe from such errors.

Update your Google Account recovery options: These are the most important factors that help Google to identify you in case you lost account name (username) or password.
Enroll in 2-step verification: It is very difficult for a hacker or malicious software to breach the security of Google accounts with 2-step verification enabled. So, it is always advised to enroll in Google 2-step verification to keep your account safe.

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