What to do if Gmail Hangout is not working?


Hangout is one of the best and easy communicates features of Gmail account where users can connect with their family and friends in the easiest way. It is the features where users can make phone calls, face to face video calls and share photos. It also allows users to Group hangout where users can chat up to 150 people.


Sometimes users stuck to use Gmail hangout or Gmail hangout is not working or stopped working, How do I enable Hangouts in Gmail?, Gmail hangouts won’t open so users need to support where they can find the correct resolution of the particular problem which is stuck users to use Gmail hangout features in this post we discuss all possible reasons and solution of Gmail Hangout not working.

google hangout error

Solving problems with Google hangouts not working

If you have any of the following problems with hangouts on your computer or mobile device so you can try to fix those issues with the method as given below:

  • Problem to signing into or turning on Hangouts feature
  • Sending or receiving failed in hangout messages
  • Getting notifications for hangouts
  • Unable to making a video or phone call
  • Audio and video problems in a video call
  • Downloading or sending photos error

However, you Google hangout is not working properly then make sure these are the main cause that reason you are facing technical faults in their account.

How to fix trouble of making or receiving a video call in Gmail?

We will share here some problems solution here if you have the trouble of making or receiving a video call so there are some tips to resolve your problem.

  • First, try to refresh your internet browser
  • Clear the cache and restart your browser
  • Restart your computer.

These are the simple instruction which will help out to their entire Gmail user for resolving to make or receive a video call in Gmail.

Unable to make phone calls in Hangouts or on mobile devices

We know, a number of customers don’t have the knowledge to make phone calls in Hangouts or on mobile devices, but for those, we are sharing complete procedures to solution here like

  • First, make sure you are on the latest version of the mobile apps: you must be download hangouts for android devices and iOS devices.
  • The second check your cellular data is not turned off so turned on your mobile device or connect a WiFi connection.
  • Your phone data connection must have strong signal if signally is not strong it can create the problem.

Unable to make phone calls on computer

Are you using Gmail hangout on computer and if you not capable to make phone calls on computer then no worries get solution by simple instructions like

  • First, check your microphone is plugged properly.
  • Next check that your microphone isn’t being used by another application
  • Check your settings to make sure the plug-in is using the correct microphone
  • If the microphone shows up as ”USB” video/audio device, “you just need to install software from the device’s manufacturer to make it work.
  • Test the Mic, speak out loud, if you mic is working proper form must check it.
  • Check your speaker setting.
  • Restart your computer

For more errors solution you can prefer https://support.google.com/hangouts/troubleshooter/6101579 which is offering by Gmail support team just follow this link and get the correct resolution stepwise.

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