How to fix Sync errors with the Gmail Android App?


There are many signs which show that Gmail is not syncing automatically such as users stuck to send emails or unable to send emails, new emails are not loading or not receiving emails, unable to open or read emails, inbox not updating, account is not synced error, not receiving notifications for new messages in Gmail account, app is slowing down so if you are one of the users who have to face these issue so you can get here reasons and solution to fix this technical issues.

Solve notifications issues of the Gmail account by simple solution


gmail sync error

If you having notifications issues so you must check the notification settings if it turns on so turn off it for this task you need to go on Gmail settings where you can go desktop notification settings and turn off it. Do you have Loading and Display issue in Gmail? Then solve to your query in a simple way.

What are useful tricks for solve sync error with the Gmail Android App?

There are some tricks which are most helpful to get out from sync errors just check all these things given below:

First, check that you are connected to the Internet proper way

You should check your internet connection might be not working proper way to check that you are connected. it may be internet wire not connected, Wi-Fi not connect proper way and some internet are not allowing to open some websites so check all these things proper way also check that Airplane mode not be turned on.

Second Check sync settings on your Gmail app

It depends on your sync settings, sometimes Gmail app may not be checking for new emails.

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Click on the left touch menu
  • Touch on settings
  • If you have more than one account open so choose the account you are not getting email
  • Now make sure that Sync Gmail is checked.

Next to check sync settings on your mobile device

On many Android phones and tablets, users can turn off sync for all apps at once. it may be you have turned off sync on purpose or by accident.

If sync is already on, try turning it on and off a few times.

Issue with non-Gmail addresses

If you are using the Gmail app with non-Gmail addresses such as or so check your email on the computer.

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