Fix Problems Signing into Your Yahoo Account & How to fix the Yahoo mail sign in problems?


Are you facing problems signing into your Yahoo account? Well it’s a very common problem that the users encounter while working with the Yahoo mail. Luckily, some very simple troubleshooting methods are available that can help the users in fixing this problem without much technical expertise. Depending on the reason why you are having problems signing into your Yahoo account, there can be different remedial steps you can take to solve the problem. Here, in this article, you will find the complete details about this problem, the reason behind this and ways to resolve this. So keep reading to know more about it.

Possible reasons behind the Yahoo mail sign in problems


The most common reasons why you are having problems signing into your Yahoo account are listed here:

  • You forgot your Yahoo email address
  • You forgot the password to your Yahoo email account
  • There is a problem with your browser
  • There is a problem with your internet connection
  • There are certain server issues
  • Your account has been locked temporarily
  • You are signing in from a new device

How to fix the Yahoo mail sign in problems?

Based on the reason behind this issue, the users can follow the simple step solution to fix this. The solutions for the same are given below:

  1. Forgot Yahoo id or password
  • Using the ‘sign-in helper’, recover your id and password.
  • You will be receiving the id and password on your recovery mobile number or alternate email address.
  • Now login successfully into the account and change the password.

Note: In case you do not remember your recovery info, you will not be able to sign into your account. You can just make a new account on Yahoo and get started.

  1. Getting ‘Invalid ID or Password’ error
  • Make sure that the caps lock or num lock buttons are turned off.
  • Update the auto fill settings of your browser, in case your browser remember password.
  • Try login into your account using another web browser.
  • Using the ‘sign-in helper’, as discussed above.
  1. Getting a ‘First time signing in here?’ message

If you are signing in from a device you have never used before for the same, you will have to verify yourself. An account key will be sent to recovery mobile number or alternate email address. Using this account key, you will be able to sign in again to your account.

  1. Getting an ‘Account Locked’ message

Due to some security reasons, sometimes, the account is blocked and won’t allow the user to sign in. if this happens, you can either wait 12 hours for the account to get unlocked automatically or you can sign in immediately using the ‘sign-in helper’.

  1. Caught in sign-in screen loops

If the sign-in page keeps appearing on the screen again and again, you will have to reset the sign-in cookie. Go to the sign-in page, click Not you?, enter your Yahoo ID and password and click on ‘sign in’.

If this does not fix the problem, you can try the following:

  • Clear the cookies of your browser.
  • Restart the web browser you are using.
  • Try to log in using a new browser. Make sure that the browser is update and supported.
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