Facing Problems While Attaching File In Bellsouth Email? Learn How to Solve this


Tips to Facing Problems While Attaching File In Bellsouth Email: Sometimes, when you are attaching any file in your Bellsouth email, you face certain issues. A common problem arises like you are unable to attach the file, or your attachment is not being delivered. Error message gets displayed when you are trying to attach any file. Thankfully, you can find the solution to your various Bellsouth Email problems in very easy steps. You just need to know the basic reason behind this error and your attachments become ready-to-go.

Basic Reasons behind Bellsouth Email Attachment Failure


There can be many reasons behind the fact that you are not able to attach the file in your Bellsouth Email. You are using an outdated browser or maybe you are trying to attach a large number of files. In Bellsouth Email, you can only attach a maximum of 50 files at once with a total maximum size of 25 MB. “Attachment Failed” Error Message in Bellsouth Email account also occurs when you try to attach some encrypted files. Other reasons may include internet problems or wrong file name, etc.

How To Fix Bellsouth Email Attachment Failed Errors OR Sending Errors On Computer?

In case the Bellsouth emails that you send with attachments are not being delivered, you can follow these troubleshooting measures:

1. Check your browser setting: Make sure that the browser you are using is an updated version. You can also try to attach any file and send the email to another web browser, other than the one you are using normally.

2. Clear caches and cookies: To troubleshoot Bellsouth Email attachments issue, you can simply try to clear all your browser cookies and caches.

3. Reduce file size: Do not send the file(s) of size greater than 25 MB in a single attachment. You can either send them in different attachments or you can use free file hosting service like Dropbox or YouSendIt for your large files.

4. No special characters in the file name: Special characters like #, $, @, etc must not be included in your file name. These characters create problems in attaching and sending a file. So when attaching any file in Bellsouth email, ensure that the file name does not contain any special character.

5. Reformat encrypted files: An attachment file in encrypted form can create problems while uploading. It is a possibility that the encrypted will also not open on the senders’ mail. So always make sure that the Bellsouth Email Attachment you are sending is not encrypted.

6. There can be the chances that, the attachment error is not an AT&T issue. There can be some syncing issue with your device or your internet might be slow. Fix these issues and try to attach the file in the Bellsouth email again.

7. If your Bellsouth email attachment is not sending, check for messages in your outbox. If there is any message in the outbox, delete it and try to send again.

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