How to Enable/Disable Notification in Gmail?


Gmail Notification or Notifier acts as a watchman who alerts the user of new email messages. Through this Gmail, notified user can easily read their emails and take a responsive action after that. This is one of the best features of Gmail which always alerts you when any messages have arrived. Basically, it features used by all users for saving time. They can get the update through this notification to every message.

What are its feature and why user mostly prefers Gmail Notifier?

  • This is 100% spam free.
  • It offers fast and easy Gmail login.
  • It supports multiple accounts.
  • Through this, you can delete the emails or mark as a read.
  • Support for Google Apps.
  • It also provides IMAP connectivity over SSL.

And many other incredible features are there of Gmail Notification which makes our task in the more responsive way. So I suggest you enable this Gmail notification in Gmail.

How do you Enable the Gmail Notification?

But some of the users are not able to enable the Gmail notification because of some reasons like: might be possible they didn’t have technical skills how to enable it or maybe if the user is new then this problem has occurred. Make sure if you really want to enable it then go with steps below which clearly helps you out of this problem.

  1. First login to your Gmail account and click on setting icon then move to Setting option.
  2. Once you enter in setting option, here you find the General tab; here you can see the desktop notification.
  3. After that click on “New email notification on” and once you select this then you will get the notification which is marked as important.
  4. Then you have to click on the link i.e. “click here to enable the desktop notification” now click Allow option.
  5. And finally, click to save button and once you save then you are able to get the notifications from Gmail.

How To Disable Gmail Notifications on Computer?

Sometimes you get too much notification from Gmail which frustrates you, in this situation if you doesn’t want more notification then simply follow the post so that you can know how to disable the Gmail notification.

  1. Same, move to your Gmail account, move to setting icon and click on setting option.
  2. Then scroll down to desktop notification section and click email notification off
  3. And the last click to save button.

After this, you never receive any kind of notification from Gmail. Still, experience any issue regarding Gmail? Quickly diagnose with technical experts.

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