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Sometimes, while working with the Yahoo mail, temporary errors arise. Most of the time, these temporary errors are harmless and usually are corrected all by themselves with few minutes to hours. The frequent occurring temporary errors are error 2, error 14, error 19, etc. Also, there are certain measures you can follow to remove these errors in case they are not resolved automatically such as restarting browser, updating mail app, etc. In this article, we have discussed about the different Yahoo mail temporary errors, the reasons why they happen and what the user can do to fix them.

Temporary Yahoo errors and the reasons behind them


The Yahoo Mail temporary errors occur due to many reasons such as fragmented files, unwanted software installation, registry errors, Error in Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Accountetc. The other major factors that cause the temporary errors in yahoo mail are:

  • Any installed antivirus or firewall is creating some issues.
  • The internet connection is shared among several users.
  • Any third-party software is being used to access Yahoo mail.
  • The browser is not able to accept the cookies from Yahoo mail.
  • There is virus or spyware in the device that are changing system settings.
  • There is any unusual activity from your device to specific Yahoo pages.
  • You are using an unsupported web browser.
  • You were trying to send a large number of emails all at once.

How to fix the Yahoo email temporary errors when encountered?

Although the Yahoo Email temporary errors are fixed automatically after few minutes, if you are facing the errors for a long time, there are some things you can do to fix them manually.

  1. If your Yahoo mail is open in a browser that is not supported, sign it out and then reopen on a supported browser.
  2. Sign out from all desktop or mobile devices, wait for some time and then sign in again.
  3. Restart your browser and then sign in again to your account.
  4. Clear the cache from your web browser.
  5. Try login into yahoo from another device.
  6. Make sure that your system is not affected by any virus, malware or spyware.
  7. Use an internet connection no one else is using for signing in to your account.
  8. Check if the operating system you are using is supported.
  9. Enable your browser to accept cookies from Yahoo mail.

How to prevent future temporary Yahoo errors?

  • Try not to run many programs at a time, especially when you are using Yahoo.
  • Do not download software from unauthorized sites to prevent virus or spyware from entering your device.
  • Do not share you internet connection with unknown users and similarly do not use internet connection of unknown users.
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