Easy Methods to Access a Gmail sign in blocked Account


Google can block a Gmail account due to various reasons most of which are related to security concerns. Irrespective of the reasons why Gmail account is blocked by the Google, it can cause a real panic when a user is not able to access the Gmail account. Google is pretty much concerned about the privacy of its Gmail users, that’s why it has started to block sign-in attempts from the less secure third-party apps. If you are also encountering a similar problem then follow the instructions given in this article to get rid of them effortlessly.

Why my Gmail Account sign–in Attempt is blocked?


Some of the possible reasons for this type of errors are as follows:

1. Entering a wrong password too many times: If you enter a wrong password more than the permissible no. of times than your account may get blocked.

2. Your emails being marked as a spam by a large number of users: It is also possible that Google may have blocked your account as per its spam prevention policies.

3. You are trying to login using a third party less secure app: Google may also block the log in an attempt in case you are trying to log in from a 3rd party app as per its new security policy. In this case, you will receive an email from Google stating that sign-in attempt has been blocked.

In case your Google account is blocked due to wrong password or spam then it can be unblocked by running password recovery and contacting Gmail authorities respectively.

What is “Review Blocked Sign-in Attempt Mail from Google”?

In case you are wondering why you have received “Review Blocked Sign-in Attempt Mail” from Google or why is my Gmail showing a review blocked sign-in attempt? Then there is nothing to worry about.

As we have stated earlier it is happening due to Google blocking the third-party apps to access your account. As these third-party apps are more susceptible to hacking or phishing and do not meet the security benchmarks of Google.  This is the reason why you are receiving such emails.

How to fix error sign in attempt prevented by Google?

In case you want these third-party apps to have access to your account and let you sign in then you can give them access to your Gmail through my account page.

  • First of all, open the Google homepage i.e. www.google.com.
  • Click on your image that will appear in the top right corner and Click “My Account” button.
  • Then open “Sign & security” Tab.
  • Now, scroll down and turn on “Allow less secure apps” button.

This will fix error sign in attempt prevented by Google error but give the less secure apps access to your Gmail account.

Important Tips

Follow the tips given below in case you receive the “Review Blocked Sign-in Attempt” Mail from Google

  • Do not click the link given in these emails straightway, as many hackers send forge emails to get the login information of the users.
  • Always check your activities using the Gmail my activity page to check if any suspicious app is trying to log in to your account.
  • Immediately change your password in the case found anything suspicious in your recent activity.
  • Do run a Gmail security check up when you are receiving “Review Blocked Sign-in Attempt” mail and you don’t know which app is trying to login to your account.
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