How to easily create Gmail business account?


Gmail email service is available free and paid for every email user, it depends on clients what he wants from the account like limited features or maximum limited features facility. As you will know if you use to free email service then you can use free elements of Gmail without any charge but you are a paid customer then you can utilize to additional and latest elements of Gmail. Today, it is necessary for business development in very shortest time.

What are procedures to set up new Gmail Business Account?


Anyone can access Gmail on computer/desktop and mobile device. By this mail service, clients can trouble-free use for send and receive messages. It mail service is available with a user-friendly interface. Today, a number of clients are using to additional features of Gmail like Gmail business account for the business increase. Are you looking for creating the business account? Are you a new user? No worry for everyone

Simple ideas for creating a business account:

  1. Visit on Sign into Google My Business.
  2. Get on the three dash menu icon.
  3. Click here on Create business account.
  4. Now you can go into a business account name and click done.

By this simple process you can manage to your business account safely, and whenever you need change name to your business account then easily rename to your business name. If your Gmail Business account not receives the Email then no stress it will also sort out through right guidelines.

How Transfer ownership of locations to a business account?

If you require the help of transfer ownership of location to your business account then get here tips and tricks. To transfer locations to a business account:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business at any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or etc).
  2. If you’re viewing your locations as cards – > switch to list view by clicking.
  3. Select the account with the locations you want to transfer.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the locations you’d like to transfer, and then click the Transfer ownership icon.
  5. Choose the business account.
  6. Click Transfer Ownership.

Now you will know the method to transfer locations to a Gmail business account, I hope your problem has been resolved.

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