How can I solve the Gmail Push Notification in Android?


Today for any kind of business or job, people prefer smartphones because these technologies decrease the human load and make their life easy and smarter. All types of business and professional activities are based on mailing because it acts as a concrete support. Not all business proposals can be done via verbal communication that’s why here mailing activity plays a vital role. Through Gmail, you can easily get the notification of your any meetings, conference etc.

What happens if you are not able to get Gmail notification?


Now a day’s this issue occurs and affects the user work but don’t worry you are not only the person who facing that type of technical issue. Numerous of users are there who didn’t receive the Gmail notification, Why aren’t I receiving Gmail push notifications due to some technical issue. And if you don’t know how to solve Gmail push Notification in Android then just follow the steps below to get rid of your all problems.

  1. Make sure, if you didn’t receive Gmail notification, it seems Google play service is not enabled so firstly enabled it. And again if the problem is not solved then you are required to reset the app. For this:
  • Move to setting option.
  • Here click on App then you find Pager Duty
  • Then click clear data.
  1. In some of the cases, you receive the notification but too late. It will be delayed. Might be possible there is Doze mode will be responsible for this. So your first priority is to turn off the Doze mode by following ways:
  • Click on setting then Battery
  • After clicking on battery optimization then all apps.
  • Here you will find Pager Duty and choose don’t optimize.
  1. Sometimes due to sound issue, this problem has occurred. So kindly verify your sound for push notification.
  • Got to setting then sound and notification option.
  • Click default notification ringtone and select a sound.
  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi should be enabled so that you get the notification.
  2. Either you can delete your Gmail account or set it up again, or when you should receive push notification through Gmail on your Android phone.
  3. You can also disable Google connectivity service app but make sure, these features are applicable only for those users who using Android 6.0

By following the above steps you can simply solve your all problem. But still facing any technical glitches, call technical support for the best feasible solution.

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