What can I do if my Gmail Business account not receives the Email?


Through business account, you can easily share management of locations with multiple users. And today for a perfect & concrete business Gmail Business account is needed. Suppose you run any business with your own unique domain name. And using this service your business will switch to using Google’s email servers. It will help you for business build up in very short period of time for long-term.

What is the process to create the Gmail Business Account?


If you didn’t have any idea how to create the Gmail Business account so keep following the step below:

  1. First, sign into Google my Business
  2. Then you have to click on the menu which shown like three dashes, in the top left corner.
  3. Now click create business account
  4. Here you can enter your business name and click done.

What to do if you are not receiving the email in Gmail Business Account?

But what will you do if you are not able to receive the email in Gmail business account or G suite not receiving emails? Obviously, at that time you didn’t get any kind of email related to your business. Before the solution of this problem, you have to know actually what is the possible reason behind this.

  1. If you are not able to receive the email in Gmail business account, might be possible there is an internet issue. Because for any kind of mailing activity internet connection is the must. So kindly check properly your internet connectivity.
  2. Due to spam or suspicious activity you didn’t get any email, so delete your all spam related messages.
  3. If IMAP and POP problem has occurred so definitely you didn’t receive the email in your business account. To get rid of this problem, contact your internet connection provider. When they properly diagnose your issue then again you are capable of receiving emails.
  4. Due to some virus issue, these issues fluctuate, so install best antivirus software to get rid of your issue.
  5. Sometimes due to a technical fault, your emails automatically transfer to junk mail, properly check your junk folder.
  6. However, some email services require authentication for their SMTP server. So kindly check your POP or IMAP account.
  7. Sometimes the ISP or network which has a firewall which blocks connections to your email services outgoing email. In this case, you have to contact your network administrator which provides you alternative SMTP server.
  8. Make sure the password or username you are inserting is correct. Sometimes due to wrong username and password create this issue.
  9. Sometimes networks require the proxy server to connect to the email server.

Apart from these steps, you can take the technical support through experienced staffs. Whenever you have any issue just call on the toll-free number and solve your all problems.

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