Avira Antivirus not starting or opening in windows 7 or windows 8 – How to Solve it?


In the internet era, most of the people are using Avira antivirus in their system to protect valuable data from viruses, malware, spyware and dangerous websites. It also protects our information from the hackers. They try to steal the information of others. Whenever any person tries to hack data, it alerts the user by sending an alert message. It is good antivirus but sometimes creates “Avira antivirus not opening in windows 7 or 8” problems.

Why doesn’t the Avira Antivirus open properly?


There are some reasons for Avira Antivirus not opening problems.

  • The system not rebooting properly- On restating system, sometimes loading files not run on the system OS properly. It will create this type of problems.
  • Some files of Avira Antivirus have been lost- If some files of Avira antivirus has been missed, it will not work properly.
  • System resources are not free- If system resources for the Avira antivirus are not available, it will not allow any program to run.

How to start/open Avira Antivirus when it is not responding to my system?

You are clicking on the Avira Antivirus icon again and again, but it is not working or opening. It is not a big issue for the existing users of a computer but creates some problem for new ones. Those users who are struggling with this problems, they can apply the below method to resolve the problem.

  • Open Avira antivirus in administrator mode, you can apply right clicking on Avira icon and “Run as Administrator”.
  • If it runs clearly its good, otherwise follow other next instructions.
  • Click on the Start button and type Services in the search programs and files bar.
  • Click on the Services tab.
  • Select Avira Antivirus from the list of all services.
  • Right, click on it. It will open a list of functions.
  • Click on the Start tab.
  • Now your Avira Antivirus software will open properly.
  • You can also stop it again by following the same trick.

For more information related to Avira Antivirus and their related problems, you can also visit the Avira Customer Support Service. You can also drop a mail-in Avira support service mailbox. They will reply soon with valuable information.

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