Easy and Simple Steps to solved How to block banner ads in Yahoo mail- The solution

Easy and Simple Steps to solved How to block banner ads in Yahoo mail- The solution

If you’re looking for a way to put a stop to the annoying banner advertisements in Yahoo mail then you’ve landed onto the right page. Banner ads can be quite clumsy and persistent when it comes the marketing. These random ads in Yahoo mail can disturb the mental peace of some users who don’t really like the advertisements in general. If you’re that user who really wants to get the permanent solution of the blocking the banner ads in yahoo mail then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will know how to block the banner ads in Yahoo mail in the easiest way. Let’s begin…Oh no! Before we proceed for the solution of “how to block banner ads in Yahoo mail” it’s important that we go through the prerequisites to get the required solution.

Block Banner Ads in Yahoo Mail Solutions

  • Make sure that you are connected to the internet connection before attempting to fix the issue.
  • The internet connection should be stable enough to open the Yahoo mail without any hassle.
  • For instant solution, you can subscribe to the Yahoo mail pro which is the paid version of Yahoo mail where you can customize your preference and block the ads as you wish. However, if you’re a lazy bone then there are others ways with which you can get rid of the irksome banner advertisements in Yahoo mail.

Easy and Simple Steps to solved How to block banner ads in Yahoo mail- The solution

Here are the steps you need to follow to block the banner advertisements in Yahoo mail-

  • Download the adblock extension on the web browser you use to access the Yahoo mail account.
  • Open the menu/setting of the web browser. For chrome, click on the three dots in the menu bar.
  • Click on the extensions link to get the relevant extension. For chrome go to the tools>extensions.
  • Search “adblock” and click on the “+” sign/add extension button to add the extension to your web browser.
  • Once the adblocker extension is added in your web browser, you need to configure the same by clicking on the “filter list” option to filter out the preferences.
  • Put a check across the adblock custom filter and easy list option. Now close the web browser and reopen it one more time to set those preferences.
  • On opening the Yahoo mail again, you’ll find that the annoying ads won’t appear again. However, if they are still there then all you can do is hide them temporarily by clicking the “X” button and provide the feedback on why you want to hide the advertisement. This is complete solutions about the Block Banner Ads in Yahoo Mail. if you have issue other issue like Yahoo Temporary Error, Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Account, Reset a Forgotten Yahoo Email Password to get solutions

Note: The advertisements on the mobile phone cannot be hidden and can either be skipped or watched fully. The adblocker method won’t work on the mobile phone.

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