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Top Ten Antivirus List 2016

Internet is using everywhere in the world and people using to sharing lots of things online, share documents, images and many other things but users should be aware that there is not any virus threats will come with documents on internet don’t worry there is 100 of antivirus are available which keep your computer, internet from different types of viruses, in this article you will find top 10 antivirus list, choose as your requirements and keep you computer, tablet and android mobile device more faster and keep away from viruses.

1. McAfee

Top Ten Antivirus 2016McAfee antivirus is offering beautiful and extra features which make system and other devices most secure from virtues. It is easily install and protect every windows, Mac OS, Android, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. It is Excellent to blocking malicious URL and antiphishing. Its keep secure deletion, remote management, system cleanup and vulnerability scan.Read More

2. Bitdefender

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Bitdefender is offering many antivirus products which are full of exciting features; it has great capability against internet security threates like viruses, Trojans, rootkits, aggressive adware, rogues, spam and others. It has gaining great marks if choosing bitdefender as virus security software for computer, and mobile phone.Read More

3. Norton

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Norton antivirus is oldest system security software; it is providing malware protection and removal during the subscription periods. Norton is also introducing features like e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection on internet. It scans your complete system and removes each virus or file which has infected from virus make your system fast. You can easily install Norton antivirus on Microsoft Windows (Windows XP and later), Mac OS X, Linux.Read More

4. Avira

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Avira is counting top ten security software it is German company which is providing IT security antivirus software for internet security, privacy, identity and performance tools for computers, smartphones, servers and networks. Avira antivirus is easy to install and use , it is providing complete security to your computer.Read More

5. Kaspersky

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Kaspersky antivirus is mainly designed to keep secure users from malware and secure computer from viruses, it works for Microsoft windows, Mac OS X security. Its main features are real time protection, detection and removal of all viruses like tojans, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers malicious tools and auto dialers. Kaspersky is offering automatic updtes when it expire.Read More

6. AVG

Top Ten Antivirus 2016AVG antivirus is used by users its product AVG’s Software products and services, it is including many features like internet security, performance optimization and personal privacy and identity protection applications. AVG antivirus can be easily use on computers, Mac OS X, Android mobile device and other multiple devices to keep away from different types of viruses.Read More

7. Avast

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Avast is mainly known for antivirus products, it is offering avast free antivirus which is mostly use by worldwide users to keep secure devices from many viruses. It is providing internet security to PC, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices from different types of viruses. Scanning complete system, Browsers cleanup, and remote assistance and providing password security.Read More

8. Trend Micro

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Trend Micro is most popular antivirus for server security, cloud security and small business content security. It is protecting users on any device, secure networks against breaches from targeted attacks. Trend Micro is stops new threats in right speed, easily detects breaches better and protecting data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.Read More

9. Microsoft essential

Top Ten Antivirus 2016Microsoft essential is security software for internet viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. It is built for individuals and small business. It is scans and updates scheduled to run when the Pc is idle, it is helpful to keep your system fast. Microsoft essentials are friendlier for all computers- old pc, new pc, laptop and little notebook.Read More

10. eScan

Top Ten Antivirus 2016eScan antivirus is providing protection against viruses and cybercriminals which can be easily affects the performance of your computer, corrupts data. It is providing protection to your PC against existing and emerging threats and objectionable content. eScan antivirus scans all incoming and outgoing traffic on the internet means providing complete security.Read More

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